Bowen Therapy

The safe and effective solution for your pain.

Who can Bowen Therapy help?

Bowen technique or Bowen Therapy is a type of bodywork that can help everyone from infants, aged, disabled or fantastically fit. It re-educates the body to function more efficiently and promotes healing and well-being.

Can it really work for my pain?

Many our patients have benefited from the Bowen technique. It can help improve all types of pain including but not limited to arthritis, low back pain, shoulder pain, muscle strains, knee pain and even overall body posture and balance.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen technique is a bodywork system that employs precise rolling cross-fiber muscle movements known a “moves” along muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. Clients lie on a treatment table and remain clothed as the moves are carried out over a period of about 45-60 minutes. The moves create a deep sense of relaxation, relieving the pain and stress from a multitude of physical ailments.The therapy’s distinctive features are the minimal nature of the physical intervention and pauses incorporated in the treatment. These short waiting periods are incorporated into the session to allow the brain time to assimilate, correlate and create a positive response, which is sent back to the area being treated.

Is Dr. Dhillon a Certified Bowen Therapist?

Yes Dr. Dhillon’s a certified Bowen practitioner in Surrey. He received his training in from 2002 from Bowen Therapy International and completed the beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

Bowen Therapy Surrey, Delta, and White Rock, B.C.