Detoxification and Heavy Metal Analysis

Environmental toxins are in everyone!

Toxins build up in our bodies from pesticides, preservatives, and contaminants in our food to pollutants from exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke. Workplace exposure to solvents and chemicals are also common. These toxins accumulate in the liver and fat over many years and unsuspecting people like me and you suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, sluggishness, poor digestion, skin problems and others because of it.

Therefore, detoxification can be a pressing need of a person who is not well. When supplements and dietary changes alone cannot resolve complaints, then more diagnostic workup is needed. Sometimes people who are not getting the results they expect can benefit as a detox will help rid the body of environmental toxins that are obstacles to improved health. For example, heavy metals are possible reasons that people simply cannot get well.

Mercury is ever-present in our environment. Farmed fish and even dental fillings (called silver amalgams) in our mouths are sources of exposure. It has many negative effects on neurological tissue, kidneys, and the immune system. Mercury also reduces glutathione content in the body leading to less ability of the body to rid itself of other toxins. Blood and urine testing is available to detect levels of heavy metal burden in the body.

Complete a DETOX QUESTIONNAIRE to see how much you are affected. Our bodies will appreciate the help a detox will give in eliminating toxins from our bodies. And the result will be better health.

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